The Mad Chopper

The Mad Chopper

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Fred Rosen follows a killera€™s trail back in time 2 decades to discover how a monster slipped through the legal system When police in Tampa, Florida, arrested Larry Singleton in 1997 for brutally murdering prostitute Roxanne Hayes, they soon realized it wasna€™t the mana€™s first violent attack. Back in 1978 he had gained notoriety as a€œthe Mad Choppera€ for raping and cutting off the arms of 15-year-old Mary Vincent on a patch of desolate, sun-scorched land 5 miles off the highway near Modesto, California. When Singleton was let out of prison on supervised parole after serving only 8 years for his crimes, no community in California would accept him. He eventually moved back to his home in Florida, where he killed Hayes nearly 20 years after his original crime. But his first victim, Vincent, had survived, walking nearly a mile to get help after the assault, and testified against him at his trial for murdering Hayes.a€œWell, Ia#39;ll tell you the damn truth, I dona#39;t know where they buy them. I guess therea#39;s a half dozen different suppliers.a€ a€œDo you remember picking up the clothes from your house?a€ a€œYeah.a€ Reese cut in. a€œDo you recall what was in them, the clothesanbsp;...

Title:The Mad Chopper
Author:Fred Rosen
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-07-01


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