The Maligned Militia

The Maligned Militia

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Drawing upon private papers, letters, financial records, diaries and memoirs, this book revisits the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 to assess the militiaa€™s performance in helping to defeat the a€˜pitchfork rebelliona€™. The study sets a benchmark for what could have been realistically expected of these part-time soldiers, and then sets this against the actual tasks that were asked of it. The results that emerge from this exercise paint a very different picture of the militiaa€™s role in the rebellion than has hitherto been accepted by historians.The West Country Militia of the Monmouth Rebellion, 1685 Dr Christopher L Scott ... and files, for which they would need to have understood their company structures, placings and degrees of dignity, as well as arranging ... to give several volleys meant that they could both fire their muskets safely and also reload proficiently according to their drill books. ... by pulling the trigger caused a flint to strike a case-hardened frizzen and produce a shower of sparks to ignite the priming powder.

Title:The Maligned Militia
Author:Dr Christopher L Scott
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2015-03-28


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