The Mark of the Beast Revealed

The Mark of the Beast Revealed

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Since the Apostle John penned his apocalyptic work in the first century, readers have speculated, debated, and pondered the meaning of the mark of the beast. In popular culture, the number has come to personify evil. Careful reading of John's work reveals that the mark of the beast is a number assigned to people, not a symbol intended to conceal the identity of someone in partiucular. In this short book, the reader will be led to an astonishingly obvious conclusion. The mark is a three-digit number assigned to people by something not human to facilitate commercial transactions. Most likely, the reader has been marked with such a number already, as have 75 percent of adult Americans and a growing number of others around the world. The important issue is what we can do about it now. It is hoped that this book can help the reader find the way out of Babylon.Credit scores are the means corporations use to communicate among themselves about consumers, human ... the United States maintain data files on people which are used to generate credit scores: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. ... and rumorsa#39; about virtually every phase of a persona#39;s life; his marital troubles, jobs, school history, childhood, sex life, and ... a€œAlmost inevitably, transferring information from a manual file to a computer triggers a threat to civil liberties, to privacy, to aanbsp;...

Title:The Mark of the Beast Revealed
Author:Spart A. Cuss
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-06


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