''The Message Board.com''

''The Message Board.com''

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This book is about the good, the bad, and the ugly experiences of Family Home Day Care providers. It reveals heartfelt honesty from many child care providers across the country, with laugh out loud stories to eye watering experiences. If you are just starting a Family Home Day Care, you will find this book helpful to prepare you for startup and for what you are about to face. Both new and experienced providers may find it interesting and comforting to discover you are not alone and how other providers handle the same challenges you are faced with on a daily basis. Parents of children placed in or considering day care should read this book so you can better understand the love providers feel for your children and how your actions are important contributors to your providerIs day and the quality of care. Center-based care, or home-based care, what is best for your child? Be prepared to be enlightened through the a€œThe Message Board.coma€!We failed miserably. Trying to get eleven kids, including babies out the door quickly and calmly, and stuff them into my Ford Taurus was like me trying to stuff my butt into my skinny jeans!! LOL! The kids were asking us, a€œWhere we were going?

Title:''The Message Board.com''
Author:Marilyn J. Corliss
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-12-22


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