The Method of Coordinates

The Method of Coordinates

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qThe Method of Coordinatesq is one volume in a series of books that present basic mathematics in a clear and simple form. The book describes a way of transferring images into formulas, describing pictures by numbers. The content is fundamental to the study of calculus and other mathematical topics. All through this volume, one finds a careful description of the step-by-step thinking process that leads up to the correct definition of a concept or to an argument that clinches in the proof of a theorem. High school students or teachers, reading this book will learn an enormous amount of good mathematics. More importantly, they would also get a glimpse of how mathematics is done.The unit of measure on the circle can likewise be chosen in a natural manner: We take the radius of the circle as the unit of measure. Then the coordinate of the point M on the circle will be the length of the arc OM, taken with a plus sign if the rotation from O to M is in ... However, suppose the number a is given; in order to find the point on the circle corresponding to it (that is, the point with the coordinate a), anbsp;...

Title:The Method of Coordinates
Author:I.M. Gelfand, E.G. Glagoleva, A.A. Kirilov
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1990-01-01


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