The Monetary History of Iran

The Monetary History of Iran

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The monetary history of a country provides important insights into its economic development, as well as its political and social history. This book is the first detailed study of Irana€™s monetary history from the advent of the Safavid dynasty in 1501 to the end of Qajar rule in 1925. Using an array of previously unpublished sources in ten languages, the authors consider the specific monetary conditions in Irana€™s modern history, covering the use of ready money and its circulation, the changing conditions of the countrya€™s mints and the role of the state in managing money. Throughout the book, the authors also consider the larger regional and global economic context within which the Iranian economy operated. As the first study of Irana€™s monetary history, this book will be essential reading for researchers of Iranian and economic history.Durham, UK: University of Durham Occasional Paper Series no. ... Mazda, 2009. a€”a€”a€” . a#39;Who were the Shamkhal and the Usmi?a#39; ZDMG 160 (2010): 341a€“81. Floor, Willem and Patrick Clawson. ... Dastur al-Moluk, a Safavid State Manual.

Title:The Monetary History of Iran
Author:Rudi Matthee, Willem Floor
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2013-04-25


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