The Moral Philosophy of John Steinbeck

The Moral Philosophy of John Steinbeck

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More than any other author of the Modern period of American literature, John Steinbeck evidenced a serious interest and background in moral philosophy. His personal reading collection included works ranging from Kant and Spinoza to Taoism and the Bible. Critics also consistently identify Steinbeck as an author whose work promotes serious moral reflection and whose characters undergo profound moral growth. Yet to date there has been no sustained examination of either John Steinbeck's personal moral philosophy or the ethical features and content of his major works. This critical neglect is remedied by a collection of highly readable essays exploring the philosophy and work of one of America's few Nobel Prize winning authors. These thirteen essays, written by experts both within philosophy and Steinbeck studies, examine almost all of Steinbeck's major works. Included in the compilation are five general essays examining Steinbeck's own moral philosophy and eight specific essays analyzing the ethics of various major works.Mice. and. Men. and. The. Grapes. of. Wrath. ALLENE M. PARKER Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Today, over 100 years ... is not among the most- challenged authors for 2002, 4 objections to his works remain prevalent. In this essayanbsp;...

Title:The Moral Philosophy of John Steinbeck
Author:Stephen K. George
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2005


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