The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide

The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide

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A tantalizing, droll study of the idiosyncratic existence of the very rich, through the unexpected lens of the naturalist. Journalist Richard Conniff probes the age-old question qAre the rich different from you and me?q and finds that they are indeed a completely different animal. He observes with great humor and finesse this socially unique species, revealing their strategies for ensuring dominance and submission, their flourishes of display behavior, the intricate dynamics of their pecking order, as well as their unorthodox mating practices. Through comparisons to other equally exotic animals, Conniff uncovers surprising commonalities. a€c How did Bill Gates achieve his single greatest act of social dominance by being nice? a€c How does the flattery of the rich resemble the grooming behavior of baboons? a€c What made the British aristocracy the single most successful animal dominance hierarchy in the history of the planet? a€c How does Old Money's disdain for the nouveaux riches resemble the pig-grunting of mountain gorillas? This marvelously entertaining field guide captures in vivid detail the behaviors and habitats of the world's most captivating yet elusive animal.Dorothy Cheney lived for years among a troop of vervet monkeys in Kenyaa#39;s Amboseli National Park. ... a€œAt this point, a€ the biologists write, a€œLeslie picked up Escoffiera#39;s tail and bit it, holding it in her teeth while Escoffier screamed. ... that would prove critical in the rise of wealth on this planet: Chimps and some other primates share food and practice social manipulation through raucous feeding clusters.

Title:The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide
Author:Richard Conniff
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2003-10-17


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