The New American Democracy

The New American Democracy

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With an emphasis on elections and their importance in our political system, Morris Fiorina and Paul Peterson's groundbreaking text offers a stimulating, analytical approach to American government that engages students as it gives them a unique understanding of their political system as it exists and functions today. The accessibility of instant public opinion polls, the growing influence of Internet, the ubiquitous nature of the news media, and the increasingly important role of interest groups all of which Fiorina and Peterson use to demonstrate that America is moving toward a more popular democracy have blurred the lines between campaigning and governing. Politicians today are constantly engaged in the campaign process a qpermanent campaignq this has profoundly affected how our government functions today. The fifth edition of this presitgious text has been brought completely up-to-date through the second George W. Bush administration and 2006 midterm elections, includes engaging debate-style readings throughout, and is now also available in a unique qSandboxq format that allows instructors to seamlessly blend text chapters with policy material and/or selections from the qGreat Questions in Politicsq series.Wliy do you think Wilson began the practice of personally delivering the State of the Union speech to Congress? ... Presidents since Teddy Roosevelt have increasingly used the bully pulpit to persuade Congress and the public, as Figure 13.2 shows.2-1 ... 28 Learning from Reagana#39;s example, George W. Bush had his picture taken, on one occasion, while landing on an aircraft carrier off the coast of anbsp;...

Title:The New American Democracy
Author:Paul E. Peterson, Bertram Johnson, William G. Mayer
Publisher:Longman Publishing Group - 2006-12-01


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