The New Language of Digital Photography

The New Language of Digital Photography

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Digital Photography was first introduced to the general public around 1989, depending in what part of the world you were during that time. Since then, people have been getting rid of their film cameras and turning them in for new DSLRa€™s (Digital Single Lens Reflex) which has given photographer many new options to choose from that they didna€™t have with film cameras. Since DSLRa€™s affords so many options, unless you know a lot about digital photography, you might think that if you went out and purchased a $2000.00 camera youa€™d be able to take photographs just like a National Geographic photographer. But just buying an expensive camera wona€™t make you take better photographs then you did with your film camera. When I teach my Basic Digital Photography I tell the class that you need to first and foremost, you need to a€œlearn the language of photographya€ which is not as easy as one may think. Learning how to a€œmake photographs rather than take photographsa€ requires one to understand the many options that digital photography has to offer. Most people get frustrated in learning how to use their camera and just wind up setting the automatic setting on the camera which defeats the whole purpose of buying a digital camera in the first place. Because a digital camera gives more options to the photographer, what this booklet does is cut the many options down to three basic camera controls. Once youa€™ve learn the three controls you can move on in learning more advanced options of the camera.... of the camera equipment that I take with me when Ia#39;m traveling: I use a Nikon D200 and Canon 5D Mark II during the early mornings and early evening and into the night. I use a Canon 20D that was converted to capture images not by visible light but infrared radiation during the midday sun ... I use the largest Kata video/still camera bag that has adaptable wheels if needed and a Lowell Pro holster bag.

Title:The New Language of Digital Photography
Author:Brian Leng
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-04-28


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