The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict

The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict

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The text for the NEW SOLDIER deals with the causes, symptoms and solutions to global terrorism, particularly Jihadist Islamic-based terrorism. The book is an expanded version of the essay a€œA Fearful Symmetry: A New Global Balance of Power?a€ for which the author was awarded the 2007 Grand Prize by the St Cyr Foundation, which supports the St. Cyr military academy established by Napoleon Bonaparte a€“ in effect, France's West Point. The work was unanimously awarded the First (Grand) Prize by a jury of four distinguished panelists, and later translated and published in French under the title, a€œUne SymActrie de la Peur : Vers un Nouvel Equilibre Mondial Des Puissances ? a€œ (Paul Wormser, trans.)(CLD A‰ditions, November 2008). The New Soldier is, in essence, a traditional soldier but one who is endowed with compassion, empathy and cultural understanding. This soldier is better able to navigate through the unknown terrain of ideological, emotional and psychological conflicts within the realm of global terrorism. The New Soldier is a strategic tool in combating global terrorism, and may be immediately deployed in multilateral forces. The practical uses of the New Soldier in the context of fragile states, particularly in terms of stabilizing and reconstructing war-torn or collapsed states by multilateral forces is analyzed in great depth in the book.Itshoulddo so, however, by relyingonan expandedand deepenedsetofnonmilitary tools and do so largely in an anticipatory and collaborative manner rather than ... 15 a€œCounterinsurgency, a€ U.S. Army Field Manual FM 324 (MCWP 333.5) ( December 2006) at 14. ... 17 Department of Defense Directive 3000.05(26 November2005), Ap 4.2, availableat 300005p.pdf.

Title:The New Soldier in the Age of Asymmetric Conflict
Author:Rumu Sarkar
Publisher:Vij Books India Pvt Ltd - 2013


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