The Next Paradigm for Human Living

The Next Paradigm for Human Living

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What if everything you've ever been told about the world around you and your role in it was a lie? What are they trying to keep you from knowing? What are they trying to stop you from remembering? How have they shut down ordinary awareness in favor of zombie-robot awareness? What one truth do they not want you to believe?Now it is time for this literary and philosophical oracle to open eyes, clearly. The fictional character and star propaganda technician, Sunshine Overcast, attempts to do the unlikely by stripping away the half-truths and carefully removing the false and insidious choices. If the truth could set you free, then perhaps a paradigm can provide a map to the literal key. A paradigm isn't a truth as much as it is an abstract metaphor for truth.The Next Paradigm for Human Living depicts a very near future that is inevitable and assured. The people of the past saw themselves and their place in the world as one way, but now the people of the present can choose to see themselves in a whole new light. The decision is ultimately given to the reader to make. Good luck.remember that ita#39;s just a game or will the real player become lost in the part or role being played, the character being portrayed? ... However, as the philosophical instructions suggest, allowing the free will to run its course is perhaps Jonathonanbsp;...

Title:The Next Paradigm for Human Living
Author:Jonathon Barbera
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-08


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