The Northern North Atlantic

The Northern North Atlantic

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The emphasis of this book is placed on an interdisciplinary approach investigating the environment of the northern North Atlantic in the present a the past. This attempt encompasses icerelated investigations, particle flux studies, a biogeochemical processes to decipher the spatial a temporal variability of the production a fate of organic carbon in this region. Isotopic stratigraphy, microfossil assemblages, a paleotemperatures are combined to reconstruct a model past environmental settings such as the Last Glacial Maximum, the last deglaciation a the Holocene. Scientists working in this field will find a useful compilation of the most recent data.During the totally different Heinrich meltwater mode III the excess storage of inorganic carbon rose to 70 Gt in the eastern Atlantic (Sarnthein et al. 1994) and presumably, when trebling, to more than 210 Gt C in the entire Atlantic. Possiblyanbsp;...

Title:The Northern North Atlantic
Author:Priska Schäfer
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2001-04-02


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