The Omicron Legion

The Omicron Legion

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A mysterious league of elite assassins targets ninety-six of the most powerful people in America, and Blaine McCracken must stop them before the murderers bring the country to its knees There are ninety-six names on the list. They are those of businessmen, judges, and senatorsa€”the nationa€™s wealthiest and most powerful. And they are all going to die. A man named Takahashi has hired the worlda€™s finest assassins to eliminate these men in secrecy and style, crossing names off the list without raising any suspicion. And they are killing ahead of schedule. But someone has noticed the pattern of these seemingly unrelated deaths, and she knows enough to call Blaine McCracken. Takahashi didna€™t consider the rogue American agent, and that is a grave mistake. His carefully orchestrated vendetta is just the sort of thing that McCracken lives to upset. He has made a career teaching lessons to those who underestimate him, and Takahashia€™s league of assassins is next. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Jon Land including rare photos from the authora€™s personal collection.Operational Ballistic Droid.a€ On cue ... The robotgave him enough of a squeeze for McCracken to feel its incredible power. It could ... Every chairor sofa was covered with manuals, computer printouts, andfragments ofthingswaiting to bebuilt.

Title:The Omicron Legion
Author:Jon Land
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2011-03-01


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