The One-on-One Reading and Writing Conference

The One-on-One Reading and Writing Conference

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Personal interactions are the single most effective way for teachers to understand and evaluate their student as learners. Responding specifically to new Common Core State Standards in reading and writing, this book introduces pre- and inservice teachers to a method of one-on-one interaction the authors refer to as the a€œstretch conference.a€ This book provides detailed practical advice on the logistics of implementing these conferences during the busy school day, including tips on how and when to schedule conferences and how to successfully manage the classroom during conference time. The authors argue that, rather than using valuable conference time for word-level concerns and editing, teachers should focus on more ambitious goals that will deepen (or a€œstretcha€) studentsa€™ skills in comprehension and writing. This resource suggests where conferences fit in with other important pieces of literacy instruction; introduces a variety of high-quality cues to use during conferences; and shows how conferences can function as formative assessment for reading and writing skills. Book Features: Written by two veteran teacher educators who conduct frequent workshops and professional development with teachers. Helps teachers adjust their instruction for the demands of Common Core Standards, specifically Reading Anchor Standards 1 and 10, and Writing Standards 1a€“5 and 10. Shows teachers how to schedule individual conferences within typical classroom time constraints. Includes many detailed examples of effective conferences taken from real classrooms. a€œA roadmap for engaging students in conversations that will change their understanding. Frankly, ita€™s an amazing resource and one that has changed my thinking about classroom instructional time.a€ a€”From the Foreword by Douglas Fisher, San Diego State University a€œA critical opportunity to reflect on our practice, examining whether the content of our conferences is aligned with the rigorous expectations of the Common Core.a€ a€”Sunday Cummins, literacy consultant and authorSometimes authors will throw in information that is contradictory or that seems different from the rest. I want you to pay attention when that happens, and think about how that information may change your understanding of an article or passage. ... 7Th-grAde guIded reAdIng group Note that although the following interaction took place in 7th grade, it took place with the teachera#39;s struggling readers, and theanbsp;...

Title:The One-on-One Reading and Writing Conference
Author:Jennifer Berne, Sophie C. Degener
Publisher:Teachers College Press - 2015


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