The Only Three Questions That Count

The Only Three Questions That Count

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The Only Three Questions That Count is the first book to show you how to think about investing for yourself and develop innovative ways to understand and profit from the markets. The only way to consistently beat the markets is by knowing something others dona€™t know. This book will show you how to do just that by using three simple questions. Youa€™ll see why CNBCa€™s Mad Money host and money manager James J. Cramer says, qI believe that reading his book may be the single best thing you could do this year to make yourself a better investor. In The Only Three Questions That Count, Ken Fisher challenges the conventional wisdoms of investing, overturns glib theories with hard facts, and blows up complacent beliefs about money and the markets. Ultimately, he says, the key to successful investing is daring to challenge yourself and whatever you believe to be true. Packed with more than 100 visuals, usable tools, and a glossary, The Only Three Questions That Count is an entertaining and educational experience in the markets unlike any other, giving you an opportunity to reap the huge rewards that only the markets can offer.Maybe you splurged on technical analysis software. Why canAct you ... ItAcs as if they think they could learn the craft, get their union papers, do their craft pretty much like everyone else does, and then be qualified somehow to beat the market .

Title:The Only Three Questions That Count
Author:Ken Fisher
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-10-20


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