The Physics of the Martial Arts

The Physics of the Martial Arts

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As a former high school science teacher, martial artist, and business owner, I became enthralled with taking my program AcThe Physics of the Martial ArtsAc into the public school system. My goal was simple; build my martial arts business while teaching my love of the sciences. This book not only chronicles that journey, but it was written as a Achow toAc book for those interested in the art of breaking boards, and concrete blocks. This book is for you, if you are a science teacher who wants to spice up the classroom by using breaking demonstrations to explain NewtonAcs 3 laws of Motion, a school owner wanting to improve business, and revenue, or a martial artist, regardless of rank or experience level, who wants to improve his punching and kicking abilities.Anyone who may want to learn more about the incredible power associated with the martial arts.The idea of learning an ancient art was exciting to me, and I could not wait to get started. ... For reasons I did not understand at the time, the instructor treated the course like an aerobics class, and put very little effort into teaching the martial arts. ... In the early 1980a#39;s, the tournament circuit was a big part of the martial arts community, and it was not long until I notice that most of our class time was spent withanbsp;...

Title:The Physics of the Martial Arts
Author:Sifu Clinet Furr - 2009-05-15


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