The Practical Pyromaniac

The Practical Pyromaniac

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Combining science, history, and DIY pyrotechnics, this book for the workbench warrior explains humankinda€™s most useful and paradoxical tool: fire. William Gurstelle, author of the bestselling Backyard Ballistics, presents 25 projects with instructions, diagrams, photos, and links to video demonstrations that enable people of all ages to explore and safely play with fire. From Franklina€™s stove to Diesela€™s engine, explosive and fascinating tales are told of the great pyromaniacs who scientifically revealed the mysteries of fire such as a€œGunpowdera€ Joseph Priestly, who discovered oxygen; Antoine Lavoisier, the father of chemistry; and Humphrey Davy, whose chemical discoveries and fiery inventions saved thousands of lives. By following the directions inside, the curious can replicate these breakthrough scientistsa€™ experiments and inventions from the simply fascinating one-candlepower engine to the nearly magical fire piston and an incredible tornado of fire.regulator for gas grill 3/8a€ hole 3/8a€ OD PTC tee fitting PTC = Push to connect Standard propane 20 lb. propane tank 3/8a€ OD PTC to 3/8a€ flare adapter 2.16 Flame Tube plumbing diagram Vinyl tubing Frequency generator/ Amplifier music anbsp;...

Title:The Practical Pyromaniac
Author:William Gurstelle
Publisher:Chicago Review Press - 2011-06-01


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