The Pronunciation of English: A Reference and Practice Book

The Pronunciation of English: A Reference and Practice Book

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The Pronunciation of English deals comprehensively with the English sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation in a single volume. The description of English sounds is based on the sound classification and on the symbols used by Prof. Daniel Jones, a great authority on English phonetics. Our practice exercises are developed specifically for foreign learners of English. A sound is practiced separately and in contrasts, moving from syllables and words in transcription to those in standard spelling, spelling forms, and sentences (with stress marked and intonation patterns shown by arrow point downward and arrow pointing upward). The pronunciation of words is in accordance with the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Work through the book and you will receive a sound training in expressing meaning in English speech, will understand native speakers, and will be understood in a communication.In the above examples, where the sentence stress falls on twosyllable words (a#39; mother, a#39;soda, a#39;teacher, etc.) ... stress falls on a monosyllabic word, two pitch levels are combined in the same syllable : the voice first goes up and then glides down.

Title:The Pronunciation of English: A Reference and Practice Book
Author:Tamara Piankova - 2014-08-25


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