The Railroad Killer

The Railroad Killer

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Reverend Norman Sirnic and his wife Karen were found in their bloodstained bed with their heads smashed in While her husband and daughters were away, pediatric neurologist Claudia Benton received 19 fatal blows to the head Joseph Konvicka, a grandmother of six who loved to garden, was found dead in her home from a blow to the head Angel Maturino Resendez is described by most who know him as a quiet, polite, soft-spoken man, a loving husband and father to a baby daughter. But law enforcement officials suspect that he might be responsible for upwards of eight grisly and random killings in the span of two years, all of which occured near the southwest railroad line that the killer is believed to have ridden on his twisted murder spree. In each case, the same mode of attack--resulting in the same slow and painful death--appears to have been used, pointing to the methodical slayings of a serial killer. Is Angel Maturino Resendez the ruthless Railroad Killer--a sadistic slayer who led police on one of the longest manhunts in history? Bestselling true crime author Wensley Clarkson digs deep into the heart of a horrifying murder case to uncover some stunning answers.Tracking Down One Of The Most Brutal Serial Killers In History Wensley Clarkson ... publicly for the first time they had finally identified Angela#39;s fingerprint inside the 1993 Honda Civic owned by his schoolteacher victim Noemi Dominguez.

Title:The Railroad Killer
Author:Wensley Clarkson
Publisher:Macmillan - 1999-10-15


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