The Religious World of Antislavery Women

The Religious World of Antislavery Women

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Nineteenth-century women reformers such as the radical abolitionists have frequently been seen as having abandoned the constraints of religion in order to pursue their personal and political goals. The subjects of this book - Angelina Grimke, Sarah Grimke, Sallie Holley, Abby Kelley, and Lucretia Mott - did indeed reject what they found to be the repressive features of the Christianity of their day. Their religiosity, however, remained fundamental to their world view. In this book, Anna M. Speicher explores the dimentions of this evolving faith, which was critical in shaping their decisions and actions throughout their lives.See also Grimke, Sarah Moore; Weld, Angelina Grimke Cornish, Samuel E., 98 Cox, John and Hannah, 46 Craft, ... 58-59 David (biblical figure), 84 Davis, Andrew Jackson, 171 Davis, Maria Mott, 33, 47 Deborah (biblical prophetess), 113anbsp;...

Title:The Religious World of Antislavery Women
Author:Anna M. Speicher
Publisher:Syracuse University Press - 2000


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