The Right Light

The Right Light

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Natural light can be the right lighta€”indoors and out, all day long. Working with children, families, and couples, Krista Smith covers the entire process of designing natural-light portraits that are as vibrant and colorful as the personalities and relationships they depict. From early morning, through the tricky midday hours, to the end-of-day sunset shots, Smith shows you where to find the best natural light and how to use it most effectively for flattering results. She also explores the impact of weather on the quality of the natural light and demonstrates how it can be turned to your advantage for stand-out results. For indoor shoots, Smith demonstrates how one simple window can produce classic portrait looks and demonstrates simple background and lighting refinements that put you on the path to studio-quality results. From marketing and scheduling, to location selection and shooting, to product design and branding, this book presents a road-map to professional success in natural-light portrait photography.Aside from composition rules, knowing how to run your camera on full manual truly marks the difference between a a€œpretty good amateura€ who just loves to shoot and a professional ... Once you take back the wheela€”or is it the stick shift?

Title:The Right Light
Author:Krista Smith
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2014-04-15


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