The Save-Your-Life Defense Handbook

The Save-Your-Life Defense Handbook

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To help homeowners protect their homes and families from burglars, rapists, and other criminals, a former army officer and ranger instructor gives advice on attack dogs, locks, alarms, hand-to-hand combat, and the choice and use of shotguns, handguns, and knivesThe double-barrel scattergun is perhaps preferable for women, especially if there are small (curious) children in the house. ... An excellent choice is the Savage Fox Model B: double-barrel, twin triggers and 20-gauge. ... Although American double-barrel shotguns have standard long tubes, I personally consider it worth the extra cost (for homp dpfpnsp) to have a gunsmith take a hacksaw to the barrels.

Title:The Save-Your-Life Defense Handbook
Author:Matt Braun
Publisher:Devin-Adair Pub - 1977-03


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