The Social Foundations of Meaning

The Social Foundations of Meaning

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An empirical case study is used here to analyze linguistic meaning as it is embedded in complex social behavior. The whole of a natural signalling system - its nonlinguistic conventions, pragmatics and semantics - is considered. Three sections analyze: the relevant conventional facts; conventional utterance meaning in terms of conventional facts; and, finally, sentence meaning in terms of conventional utterance meaning. Linguistic meaning is seen to be derived from meaningful social behavior rather than from goal-directed behavior of individuals. A number of new results on pragmatic and semantic meaning are reached.The speakera#39;s utterancea€Ifind that thequorum is presenta€ does not makethe quorum present, and committee members can ... and who, whenever they have checked off apoint in their repaira#39;s manual, findingit to be o.k., say: a€Well, that onea#39;s o.k.. ... Or think of a couple in a car who want to got to Churchvillage which a€” as both know a€” lies between two churchless villages. As they see a churchless village on the left, another churchless one on the right, and one with a church in the middleanbsp;...

Title:The Social Foundations of Meaning
Author:Eike v. Savigny
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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