The Strivers

The Strivers

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Civilization is in an energy crisis. Human beings have wasted away the majority of their natural resources, but without energy, the world will die. Who will come to the rescue? In secret, a technical team of geniuses has developed a way to harvest usable and never ending energy from polar seas. In concept, their mission is simple; in delivery, it proves to be difficult and possibly tragic. The Strivers tells a story of life, love, and the labors undertaken by a brave few who believe in the energy of the ocean. From diverse backgrounds, the team is brought together by a shared mission; they change each other, and relationships evolve that never would have flourished without the worlda€™s energy crisis. They are inventors, but they are also human beings, looking for connection in an inhospitable place. With luck, the team will find a way to convert ocean energy into the next great fuel for mankind. If they fail, they will not only lose their own lives, but they will cause the extinction of planet Earth. Human life is in the hands of the strivers, who must harness the fury of the sea to save the world. Will they succeed, or will the weakness of their humanity make them fail?instructions that came from the Copenhagen people. ... to the main fuelfeedoverhead, through thenew electrical feeder pump and the isolation valves thatwouldallow them to jettison allthis in preparation to take aboardthe refugeemen tofill thatspace. ... The pilots saidthey were told arrangements were being made by Copenhagen fora ship to call at ... They had them tied down securely to the seat deck.

Title:The Strivers
Author:Phil Wallace Payne
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-06-18


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