The Tale of Dark Africa

The Tale of Dark Africa

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The Son of the Soil: Stone Obia€™s The Tale of Dark Africa will open your eyes to the power of tradition and belief that exist within a people, a power that modern religion cana€™t totally wipe away. a€œI want people to see who we are, a€ writes the author. a€œWe Africans have not detached from our folka€™s way of thinking, and our ancestral conception has affected us into the 21st century as we continue to entertain such beliefs.a€ Part manifesto, part folk stories, Tale of Dark Africa explores the dark undertones of traditional African mythology and what issues its tenacious hold on Obia€™s home country of Nigeriaa€”and on Africa as a wholea€”may cause in the modern world. a€œSlavery, poverty, and wars are not the cause of our sufferings, a€ Obi writes. Instead, suffering comes from a€œthe way we think and process information from a cultural and ancestral mentality.a€ In this way, the author seeks to draw the links between Africaa€™s suffering and the worlda€™s. The tale of Dark Africa is the tale of the whole wide an interesting tale; time and time again, it has been proven. We know the movie Blood Money, or movies that describe gangster activities, and other killing streaks for the sake of money. This tale is the real blood money, and it is done underanbsp;...

Title:The Tale of Dark Africa
Author:By the Son of the Soil: Stone Obi
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2015-04-21


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