The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment

The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment

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The Transportation Experience explores the historical evolution of transportation modes and technologies. The book traces how systems are innovated, planned and adapted, deployed and expanded, and reach maturity, where they may either be maintained in a polished obsolesce often propped up by subsidies, be displaced by competitors, or be reorganized and renewed. An array of examples supports the idea that modern policies are built from past experiences. William Garrison and David Levinson assert that the planning (and control) of nonlinear, unstable processes is today's central transportation problem, and that this is universal and true of all modes. Modes are similar, in that they all have a triad structure of network, vehicles, and operations; but this framework counters conventional wisdom. Most think of each mode as having a unique history and status, and each is regarded as the private playground of experts and agencies holding unique knowledge, operating in isolated silos. However, this book argues that while modes have an appearance of uniqueness, the same patterns repeat: systems policies, structures, and behaviors are a generic design on varying modal cloth. In the end, the illusion of uniqueness proves to be myopic. While it is true that knowledge has accumulated from past experiences, the heavy hand of these experiences places boundaries on current knowledge; especially on the ways professionals define problems and think about processes. The Transportation Experience provides perspective for the collections of models and techniques that are the essence of transportation science, and also expands the boundaries of current knowledge of the field.But Ford soon developed what might be dubbed Henrya#39;s Law, a€œThou shalt make only one model, a€ and that model was the Model T, and for ... than electric cars, as trucks had the advantage in many cases of fleet operation, and thus centralized maintenance and management. ... Owner of New Yorka#39;s Metropolitan Street Railway Company, Henry Melville Whitney, consolidated the electric vehicle industryanbsp;...

Title:The Transportation Experience: Policy, Planning, and Deployment
Author:William L. Garrison, David M. Levinson
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-01-09


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