The Union and the World

The Union and the World

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During the last decade Europe has been transformed both politically and commercially. The establishment of a genuinely single marketplace in the context of an expanding membership has enabled the European Union greatly to enhance its role on the world stage. In the areas of trade and commercial policy the Union increasingly speaks with one voice. As a result of the Maastricht Treaty on Economic and Political Union of 1993, a process has been set in motion whereby the embryonic mechanisms of a common foreign policy (European Political Cooperation or EPC) are gradually evolving into a more comprehensive Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). The contributors to this volume describe and evaluate the nature and extent to which the European Union plays an independent role in international affairs. This pioneering work makes an important contribution to the literature on the European Union since the chapters present a comprehensive picture of the Union's foreign economic policies and actions, its foreign security policy, and the supranational nature of much Union decision-making. The book is significant, not only because of its dual focus on economics as well as politics, but also because it comprehensively covers the broad range of Union policies in both the economic and political spheres. The intended level of readership is undergraduate courses on the EU and on European politics; upper level undergraduate courses in International Relations; and graduate survey courses on the EU. The book is sufficiently comprehensive and instructive to achieve a wide readership, especially in North America and the UK.... and Cologne (Germany) and manual transmissions in Halewood, Merseyside and Cologne. ... For example, Toshiba has created Toshiba Consumer Products Italia Spa; Nippon Electric Glass and (German) Schott Glaswerke make glass for cathode ray tubes for ... in Wales (UK), their main customer being the Sony television plant at Bridgend in Wales, which previously imported the components.

Title:The Union and the World
Author:Alan W. Cafruny, Patrick Peters
Publisher:Martinus Nijhoff Publishers - 1998


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