The (Unofficial) SONY SmartWatch 2 Book

The (Unofficial) SONY SmartWatch 2 Book

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If you're thinking of joining the smartwatch revolution, you'll need to know which watch to buy... and / or how to use it when you've bought it. This book is about the SONY SmartWatch 2, which is SONY's second and best stab at a smartwatch that can operate in conjunction with any Android (4.0+) smartphone. It's an qunofficialq book because we haven't colluded with the device manufacturer during the writing of the book, which means we can say what we really think. And if we say we like it, it's not because we've been encouraged to say so. So whether you're so-far undecided, or have already purchased your SONY SmartWatch 2... buy this book! Find more information about smart watches at Contents 1 - Introduction 2 a€“ About the SONY SmartWatch 2 3 a€“ Getting Started 4 a€“ Interacting with the Watch 5 a€“ Basic Functions 6 a€“ The SmartWatch 2 Android App 7 a€“ Additional Apps 8 a€“ SmartWatch 2 App Development 9 a€“ My SONY and Other Smart Watches3. a€“. Getting. Started. In the SONY SmartWatch 2 box you should find the watch itself, a very small USB cable for charging, a Startup guide, a few ... But somewhat hidden in the middle of this leaflet is a not-so-helpful instruction to access the official user manual by visiting ... Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear ( see that requires a slightly cumbersome charging cradle to beanbsp;...

Title:The (Unofficial) SONY SmartWatch 2 Book
Publisher:LOTONtech (as - 2013-10-21


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