The Video Editor's Guide to Soundtrack Pro

The Video Editor's Guide to Soundtrack Pro

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This book tells you how, why, and when you should perform certain audio postproduction tasks within Soundtrack Pro while editing your video in the Final Cut Studio suite. Intertwining video editing workflows with audio editing workflows for video editors using Final Cut Studio, it also describes in-depth the audio postproduction process as well as the specific tools used for editing and mixing audio within Soundtrack Pro. The final section is designed as an audio postproduction qcook-bookq, describing typical audio post scenarios with detailed workflows for dealing with them. The book provides real-world workflows and step-by-step instruction on the basics of audio editing in STP, implementing sound effects, spectral tools and much more. Also included is a DVD containing both video and audio files, demonstrating surround sound, mixing procedures, and other audio editing processes. Included as well are project files with which you can refine techniques learned in the book. The DVD is not included with the E-book. Please contact the publisher for access to the DVD content by emailing * Real-world audio workflows provide proven audio solutions for Final Cut Studio video editors * Step-by-step instruction on how to use the Soundtrack Pro toolset * DVD contains audio and video project files for you to work on, allowing you to put lessons learned into immediate practiceUse the LFE Balance to send portions of the audio into the subwoofer channel. ... Just as with any other parameters in Soundtrack, the panners can be automated. ... on my home theater system a€“ which I admit is a fairly poor comparison with the average setup because, as an audio geek, I have kind of a high-end system; so, anbsp;...

Title:The Video Editor's Guide to Soundtrack Pro
Author:Sam McGuire, David Liban
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2010


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