The wordtree

The wordtree

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Do you seek a precise word, yet can't get help from traditional word-systems like the alphabetical dictionary (which requires you to pre-know the word)? - Or a Roget thesaurus (which shows qlumpsq of some 50 confusingly similar words)? A new system fills the conceptual gap. It directs you, branch by branch, from any part of your idea to the precise action-word for it. It's a book, Wordtree branching dictionary. Think of any term seemingly involved in the process you want to describe. Suppose you seek the term for full enlargement. Look on the qEq pages for qENLARGE.q Beneath it are all the words that involve ENLARGing: To LENS (something) and to ENLARGE it, are to MICROSCOPE it. ENLARGE (something) and DEVELOP it, are to GROW it. Dozens more. If GROWth seems closer, but isn't satisfactory, think of any other GROWth-related word, such perhaps as COMPLETE. Find it alphabetically. There you'll see such phrasing as: To GROW and COMPLETE (something) are to MATURE it. MATURE, you now realize is the word you'd been seeking! Burger's Wordtree is the only full-language (20, 000 verbs), branching dictionary. It's for precise professionals: lawyers, technical writers, copywriters, translators, journalists, etc. Free brochure.Em ALTERNATE. a SCENT INTERRUPTION. agt; FRESHFOUKDi. ***Ara€c RAOARTRACK (9726) MM 9913. TO RDF * Ar A TARGET (5600). a P D F, RADIO DIRECTION FINDING. AlAlAlAlN MANOEUVRE (9730) BUNGLE TM^TMa€” a€” a€” a€” 9914.

Title:The wordtree
Author:Henry G. Burger
Publisher: - 1984


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