Tim Drake

Tim Drake

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Tim Drake Darktime Tim Drake is very unhappy with his life. Not because of anything that anyone in particular has done to him or because of any traumatic experience in his past. Tim is dissatisfied because life is just not long enough. He wants more and he believes that he has found a way to get it. Tim has spent the last twenty years of his life researching Spells Spiritualism and Medicine. He might just have genuinely found a way to extend his life but only by stealing somebody else's. Tim Drake is either insane or genuinely in possession of a powerful secret either way he does not care and he is not sharing. Tim Drake is the Don Quixote from Hell. www.darktime.co.uk www.timdrake.co.uk... was less chance of him getting stopped by the police in the rain, they would not want to get out of their nice warm cars if it could be avoided. It was past midnight by the time that they arrived home and Tim had accidentally reversed into the neighbours nice new black Ford Focus. ... Seeing that he had cracked the cars headlight and bent the plastic bumper on the Focus Tim scribbled a note and signedanbsp;...

Title:Tim Drake
Author:Graeme Morgan
Publisher:Petal - 2008-06


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