Time Bomb 2000

Time Bomb 2000

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What you must know-and what you should do. The first action guide for everyone to the Year 2000 computer crisis. Saturday, January 1, 2000: Suddenly, nothing works. Not your phones, not the cash machine, not even your fancy new VCR. All because of 'minuscule' computer programming errors someone made decades ago. Science fiction? Almost all computer experts agree, its very, very possible. Whether or not you own or use a computer, virtually every aspect of your life now depends on them: communications, electricity, transportation, finance, medicine, your job, the government . . . you name it. What if those computers stop working for a day? A month? A year? Time Bomb 2000 tells you the odds-and offers complete guidance on how you and your family can prepare Will your home PC be useless? Will your bank open? Will your money be there? What about basic services? Electricity, water, mail, food delivery? Will medical devices work? Will social security checks arrive? Above all, what can you do to prepare? Time Bomb 2000 is co-authored by Edward Yourdon, editor of American Programmer and one of the worlds leading authorities on software development. Few people have a clearer understandingSince most credit cards have an expiration date two, three, or four years after the date of issue, it means that most credit card companies are already ... credit card, on the other hand, involves a liability a€” i.e., a mechanism for incurring a debt.

Title:Time Bomb 2000
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1998


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