To Fight or Not to Fight

To Fight or Not to Fight

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Dr. Robert S. Camerona€™s To Fight or Not to Fight? Organizational and Doctrinal Trends in Mounted Maneuver Reconnaissance from the Interwar Years to Operation IRAQI FREEDOM provides a narrative analysis of US Army reconnaissance, scout, and cavalry evolution from the postWorld War I era through the Iraqi conflict. It outlines key developments in the concepts governing reconnaissance units from the armored cavalry regiment down to the maneuver battalion scout platoon. These changes are placed in the context of national defense policy decisions and major Army initiatives. The title derives from the almost cyclic shifts between reconnaissance organizations oriented on information collection and those designed for a broader mission set. The text focuses on doctrinal and organizational changes, but training, materiel development, and the impact of combat operations constitute important supporting themes. This study also traces the transition from horse to vehicular reconnaissance, later bolstered by air cavalry and more recently with a variety of sensors and unmanned systems. The chronicle of this transition highlights another persistent theme: the impact of technology on reconnaissance. It addresses an issue with which scouts in todaya€™s high-tech world continue to grapple: finding the correct balance between man and machine for effective reconnaissance.3. War Department, FM 100-5, Field Service Regulations: Operations ( Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1941), 40a€“44; FM 2-15 (1941), 87a€“ 89. ... Ibid., 88, 90. 6. Ibid., 94. 7. Ibid., 97a€“98, 133, quotation from pages 97a€“98. 8. War Department, FM 2-10, Cavalry Field Manual ... Monthly publication of the Institute for Tactical Education in Quantico, VA. ... Letter to Lieutenant General Daniel Van Voorhis, 16 July 1941, US Army Military History Institute (hereafter referred to as MHI)anbsp;...

Title:To Fight or Not to Fight
Author:Robert S. Cameron
Publisher:Maroon Ebooks - 2015-03-09


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