Today’s Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems, Classroom and Shop Manual

Today’s Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems, Classroom and Shop Manual

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TODAYa€™S TECHNICIAN: ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS, is an extension of the popular Todaya€™s Technician Series that covers all mechanical and electrical systems of automobiles and light trucks. This book is intended for a course in advanced automotive electronic systems and is divided into two volumes: a Classroom Manual and a Shop Manual that separate cognitive and performance learning objectives, respectively. The design is based on features that are known to promote improved student learning. The Classroom Manual contains the principles of operation for the most advanced electrical systems used today and covers design variations of components used by the different vehicle manufacturers. The book builds upon basic facts and theories and will help develop studentsa€™ knowledge through its extensive coverage of component and system operation The Shop Manual covers the diagnostic processes for proper repairs and focuses more on the diagnostics of the components used within a system than on how to replace the component. The intent is to guide your studentsa€™ thought processes toward finding the root cause of the problem, concentrating their attention on becoming a diagnostician and not a parts changer. Your students will learn how to develop a systematic approach to problem solving in order to isolate the root cause of the problem, thereby enhancing their ability to fix products right the first time. Photo Sequences are used to illustrate some of the common diagnostic procedures. Both Manuals are arranged in corresponding chapters, and topics within the chapters are linked between manuals by page references in the margins. Both volumes contain clear and thoughtfully-selected photos and illustrations. The margins of the pages include many special features of the series that are designed to underscore important points made in the running text, highlight safety concerns, and offer real world scenarios that the author has encountered in the shop. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.New U.S. regulations are requiring the use of the CAN bus system under industry standard J2284. This will be used as the ... A BIT OF HISTORY The first production car to use a CAN network was the 1991 Mercedes S-Class. The CAN busanbsp;...

Title:Today’s Technician: Advanced Automotive Electronic Systems, Classroom and Shop Manual
Author:Barry Hollembeak
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2010-05-25


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