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New light on an ancient art! Tracker. The very word forms images of buckskin-clad braves crouching over the ground, carefully studying the signs before them--a part of history. But the modern world has not put behind it the need for the earthy business of tracking. Far from it. Such skills are still routinely used by the military, rescue personnel, and law enforcement, as well as by hunters and people living at the subsistence level throughout the world. SIGNS OF HOPE is the ultimate, authoritative guide to this most complex pursuit. A great resource for professionals, including rescue and law enforcement, and even military personnel, Signs of Hope is also useful for outdoors people. Users will find it invaluable as an on-site manual in the course of any search. Chapters cover topics such as: . --Visual tracking, auditory tracking, scent tracking, and tactile tracking. --Footprints, disturbances, wind speed, other humans and animals, terrain, and climate. --Human and animal excrement, forensics, decomposition, and skeletonization. --Preserving the area, blood trailing, speed of movement, number of people, weapons, and the tracker's report. --Track searching procedures, formations, action drills, and booby traps. --And more. Unlike many tracking manuals, Signs of Hope focuses on tracking humans, be they enemy combatants or lost children. With careful attention to the details that make the expert tracker, Diaz and McCann explain what it takes to be a tracker, from physical stamina to focus and perception. They explain the tools of the tracker, make suggestions about survival gear for extended searches, and present safety tips. Signs of Hope will be an invaluable addition to any library, and could be a lifesaver.Chapters cover topics such as: discovering how the experts gather and take advantage of information about their aquot;Chaseaquot; turning your five senses into scientific evidence gathering machines telling the difference between natural and ...

Author:David Diaz, V. L. McCann
Publisher:Globe Pequot - 2005


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