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The newest book in the Wilde Brothers series, featuring football star Jake Wilde, the youngest of the Wilde brothers. Jake Wilde has two loves, but neither is going his way. Jake Wilde, the youngest of the Wilde brothers, has it all. Hea€™s a pro football star with the woman of his dreams by his sidea€bor so he thought. In a desperate attempt to keep the woman he loves, he asks her to marry him. The last thing Jake Wilde expects is for her to turn him down and walk out the door at the same time that his football team decides to trade him. Chris Jeger, a legal assistant and part-time cheerleader for the Cardinals, has been waiting for true love. When she overhears Jake Wilde making a personal plea to some woman on the phone, she can see hea€™s heading down the road to disaster. Instead of walking away, she steps in to offer him advice so he doesna€™t turn his life upside down the same way she once did. Their friendship develops, and one night their emotions collidea€”but when someone unexpected suddenly knocks on his door, Jake learns that sometimes, what you wish for isna€™t what you really want. As real life interferes with her hopes and dreams, will Chris once again be brokenhearted, left on the outside looking in? If you love the Wilde Brothers, you may also enjoy these other series: THE OUTSIDER SERIES: An emotionally charged romance series beginning with the Amazon bestseller The Forgotten Child. THE FRIESSENS: A NEW BEGINNING: The return of the Friessen men and the women they love in this family saga that follows THE OUTSIDER SERIES. THE SAVED SERIES: A hot suspense with a love story in a military setting. a€œThis was a hard book to put down! A tough captain of a war ship finds a pregnant young girl in a dinghy alone in the ocean!a€a€”Audrey a€œThe story that unfolds after Abby is rescued is a story of love and how it can change even the toughest man.a€a€”Crazy Fast Reader WALK THE RIGHT ROAD SERIES: a€œThe Choice will leave you questioning your own morals and motivations and leave you asking others what they would do in that same situation. This is a genre-bending novel that will surprise you.a€a€”JRA. a€œRarely have I spent time reading a series that had me feeling every thought and emotion.a€a€”Mary EllenThen Becky couldna#39;t find her hairbrush, and Katya#39;s pink shoesa€”which she had to wear, or her first day back would be a ... Brad rested his hand on Trevora#39;s shoulder, and his son smiled that easy smile of his as he lifted out his lunch kit thenanbsp;...

Author:Lorhainne Eckhart
Publisher:Lorhainne Eckhart Publishing - 2015-03-31


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