Trend Commandments

Trend Commandments

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Presents the essential wisdom of trend following investing in short, entertaining, easy to understand elements everyone can understand. * *Delivers invaluable moneymaking insights from true winners, backed by real performance results. *Discusses trend following strategies in the context of today's radically new and unstable financial environment. *Helps you rethink everything you know about making money. The markets are a game, and most people are playing the wrong way--to their huge economic disadvantage. No jargon. No platitudes. Just real market lessons tied together with optimism and practicality. Pull back the Wizard of Oz curtain to see how and why big money is made today. No reliance on government, media, or Wall Street. In this book, self-sufficiency rules the day. In Trend Commandments, Covel distills the essential wisdom of trend following as an investment strategy into fascinating, bite-sized pieces that any investor can absorb. Much shorter than Covel's previous books, Trend Commandments delivers real moneymaking insights from true winners, backed by real performance results--not idle talk or platitudes. Discover how one of the biggest names in trend following made over 20% in August 2010 alone, and why this strategy keeps making big money when everyone else is dropping like a stone. Learn how to escape the cycle of 'panic, fear, hope, and return-to-panic, ' and how to profit in an age of financial crisis and deepening instability. Michael Covel (San Diego, CA) is a highly respected author, director, and entrepreneur who founded the internationally known website in 1996. Covel's first book was Trend Following: How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets. The book profiles great trend following traders who have won billions in the market (100, 000+ plus copies sold, translated into 10 languages). Covel's second book, The Complete TurtleTrader (translated into 6 languages), is the definitive inside look at the legendary trader Richard Dennis and his student traders, 'The Turtles.'Indeed, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, first printed in 1948, as well as its predecessors, Schabackera#39;s Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits, from 1932, and Profits in the Stock Market, by Harold M. Gartley in 1935, are milestones in the development of trend following methodology. Given the focus in these books on technical patterns such as flags, pennants, trian- gles, head-and- shouldersanbsp;...

Title:Trend Commandments
Author:Michael Covel
Publisher:FT Press - 2011


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