Triple Play

Triple Play

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Explosions! Murder-for-car plots! Elusive bank robbers! How do these seemingly unrelated events bring together a geologist, a teacher, and a rare book dealer, creating a whole new a€˜sisterhooda€™? Add in the murder of an FBI agent, the theft of museum papers about little-known Georgia treasures, and the frequent intrusions of an ambitious news reporter. Set in Metro Atlanta, Triple Play is a game of life-and-death for three intrepid, unsuspecting heroines. Solving the cases and restoring order combines action, intrigue, suspense and romance as the FBIa€™s Special Agents designated to protect them encounter the unexpected. Triple Play is a fast-paced adventure, bringing together a widow, a Piratea€™s fan, a reclusive scholar, an heir to a defunct aristocratic title, an illegitimate daughter of a charismatic Georgia evangelist and a motorcycle-bound agent despite all odds a€“ and their many differences. Along the way to solving the mysteries enveloping these women are further tribulations created by scheming in-laws, resentful siblings and an international jewel thief. Paired with the dogged determination of the FBIa€™s imperturbable Special Agents, the three hapless a€“ but not helpless a€“ women face down the forces arrayed against them. Temperaments, misconceptions and leaks threaten their survival. Who knows where the next strike will land? Danger lurks as passions flare. Only the dedication of the steadfast Agents stands between the beleaguered women and the dark, enigmatic forces that want them out of the picturea€“ for good.I think wea#39;ll go back for Labor Day. ... Before she could get too nervous about the career change, it was time for teacher orientation and pre-planning. ... Things quickly became just as busy as before with lesson plans, homework for kids, PTSA, special meetings about individualized educational plans (IEPs) for ... Much later that night, Laura bragged to Diane about her ordeal: a€œThe children were troopers.

Title:Triple Play
Author:Daisy Byrd
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-09-30


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