Udder Health and Communication

Udder Health and Communication

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In dairy industries throughout the world there is a desire to optimize udder health. An improved udder health will lead to improved animal welfare, improved production efficiency and a reduction of the use of antibiotics. To improve udder health, first of all, technical knowledge on issues such as treatment, milking, infectious pressure and host resistance is important. However, over the years we learned that knowledge alone is not enough: knowledge has to be used. And for knowledge to be used, farmers have to be motivated. This requires knowledge about motivation and communication. In this book, recent knowledge on technical udder health issues is combined with knowledge on motivation and communication. A large number of descriptions of mastitis control programs that are being carried out worldwide is combined with more specific studies. These are aimed at effective advising, motivation and communication strategies, economics, and technical studies on mastitis control and prevention. Therefore, this book provides an applied source of information for all that are willing to improve udder health.... wanted to be trained; a€“ when we reached 150 trained deliverers (the project target); a€“ when we reached 500 farms and realised we definitely would ... the trainers) didna#39;t like to read instructions about how to use software; a€“ when only about three people had used the website forum in the first year; ... Daily Mail, 2011, New form of MRSA found in cowsa#39; milk and human flesh wounds. http:// www.dailymail.

Title:Udder Health and Communication
Author:Hendrik Hogeveen, Theo J. G. M. Lam
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011


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