Undercover Aspie

Undercover Aspie

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DescriptionThis is an insightfully open look into the life of a successful, high functioning young female with Asperger's Syndrome. The book begins with a compelling overview of her life then covers with sincere honesty issues including; diagnosis, obsessions, meltdowns, issues with puberty and sex, anxiety, social relationships, phobias and more. Written in an easy-to-read fashion, the issue based chapters enable the book to be read not only as a whole but also suitable to dip in and out of to find aspects of particular interest. About the AuthorAfter an unconventional journey through life to adulthood, Ellie Bonchanting, (born 1983) decided to seek professional help with a series of quirky traits and anxiety issues. When diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome Ellie took to writing about her experiences to help others understand the hidden aspects of life with Asperger's from a perspective of someone who 'appears' neuro-typical to the outside world. Aside from having a keen passion for writing, Ellie works full time as a teacher and is currently completing her Master's in Education.Chapter 15 Sleep and Dreams Ever since I can remember I have always had trouble getting to sleep. ... be stuck thinking the same thing all night and it just keeps on going over and over in my head. ... and I can easily fix for instance, once I wore my pyjamas, a jumper, two dressing gowns, and a beanie hat to bed to keep me warm. ... times was a blood pressure monitor because now I can take my blood pressure to make sure that my stats are ok and that Ia#39;m not having a heart attack!

Title:Undercover Aspie
Author:Ellie Bonchanting
Publisher:Chipmunkapublishing ltd - 2011-06-01


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