Uneducated Guesses

Uneducated Guesses

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Uneducated Guesses challenges everything our policymakers thought they knew about education and education reform, from how to close the achievement gap in public schools to admission standards for top universities. In this explosive book, Howard Wainer uses statistical evidence to show why some of the most widely held beliefs in education today--and the policies that have resulted--are wrong. He shows why colleges that make the SAT optional for applicants end up with underperforming students and inflated national rankings, and why the push to substitute achievement tests for aptitude tests makes no sense. Wainer challenges the thinking behind the enormous rise of advanced placement courses in high schools, and demonstrates why assessing teachers based on how well their students perform on tests--a central pillar of recent education reforms--is woefully misguided. He explains why college rankings are often lacking in hard evidence, why essay questions on tests disadvantage women, why the most grievous errors in education testing are not made by testing organizations--and much more. No one concerned about seeing our children achieve their full potential can afford to ignore this book. With forceful storytelling, wry insight, and a wealth of real-world examples, Uneducated Guesses exposes today's educational policies to the light of empirical evidence, and offers solutions for fairer and more viable future policies.These five schools all require an entrance exam, but will accept the ACT as a substitute for the SAT. ... apply to Bowdoin because of its policy of not requiring admission test scores, or because table 1.2 summary of sat Performance (Verbal + Math scores) ... scores are consistently poorer students than those who submit SAT scores, (2) the conversion formula between ACT and SAT scores used by collegeanbsp;...

Title:Uneducated Guesses
Author:Howard Wainer
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2011-08-28


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