Unmasking Feng Shui

Unmasking Feng Shui

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Is Feng Shui merely an ancient philosophy direct from the Orient, like so many claims; or is it a subtle and potentially dangerous form of the occult? The practitioners of Feng Shui consult on commercial and residential interior design, architecture, landscaping, building construction, real estate, home staging, personal concerns, and a huge assortment of holistic and alternative forms of healing. They also teach, lecture, author books, as well as sell qFeng Shuiq merchandise. But are they qualified, affordable and responsible? Feng Shui practitioners offer a huge smorgasbord of cures for healing everything from the common cold to cancer; and for maintaining optimal health and well-being. But how do the scientific and medical professions evaluate these health and healing methods? Similarly the alternative healing therapies used by those embracing Feng Shui philosophies - are these beneficial, dangerous or a hoax? What are the decorating methods and beliefs propagated by Feng Shui? How do these compare to the design theories established by Sherrill Whiton, the father of modern interior design? Should a Christian use Feng Shui methods to decorate their home or office? For the Christian, what are the considerations and the consequences if these methods are used in their home or office? How should the Christian respond to Feng Shui, it's practitioners and the many qservicesq provided by them? As you turn the pages of this book you will find answers to these questions that may surprise, alarm and disturb you as Feng Shui is carefully evaluated from a Christian perspective.EDUCATION Diploma in Interior Decorating - La Salle Extenstion University - Division Wayne State Teaching Credential ... Blog - http:// catelinhooverchristianwriter.blogspot.com/ Interior Decorator Instructor: Basic Decorating - seventh/eighthanbsp;...

Title:Unmasking Feng Shui
Author:Catelin Hoover
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-08-01


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