Unnatural Deaths

Unnatural Deaths

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Now retired, Robert G. Fuller, Jr, practiced law in Maine for over thirty-five years. He also served in the Judge Advocate General's Corps of the United States Navy. During his career, he developed extensive contacts among Maine trial lawyers, judges, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and forensic analysts, all of which have contributed to the authentic flavor of this novel. Fuller's years in Maine have given him the ability to convey the way Maine people express themselves. He has a keen ear for the local vernacular of not only those who work in law enforcement but also the lawyers and ordinary citizens of Maine. Having practiced in Augusta, the state capital, he understands how Maine government, its bureaucrats, legislators and lobbyists operate. But Unnatural Deaths is more than a regional work. Danger and mystery, the unraveling of a complex factual skein, vivid characters and intriguing plot twists are common elements in any good crime novel. Fuller skillfully interweaves all these elements in lapidary prose with a Maine accent. Whether Fuller is discussing the bureaucracy of Federal law enforcement, the general way in which murder investigations are conducted in Maine, or providing a thumbnail sketch of life on Portland's Munjoy Hill, it is clear he has done his homework, and his writing, while fiction, rings true. With his skillful use of idiom he deftly sketches his characters so that they immediately materialize in the reader's imagination, and he enlivens his narrative with a wry sense of humor. - Fernand LaRochelle, Assistant Attorney General (Retired), Criminal Division, Maine Attorney General's Office Fuller's debut novel tells a story of murder and related plots by organized crime solved through diligent police work rather than flashes of insight. Yet, due to the author's considerable experience and probing mind, the narrative does not become tedious. He constructs his characters and their subcultures with such skill as to make each incident a story in itself. Particularly well described is the stark contrast between the gangsters' lack of moral sensibilities and the essentially decent ethos of rural Maine people. The novel's setting stimulates the reader to think deeply about how readily the innocent and friendly inhabitants of small-town Maine and their elected officials can be manipulated into unknowingly supporting the evil of seemingly wholesome, helpful outsiders. One is left with a disturbing sense of vulnerability and a warning to be cautious. - Henry F. Ryan, M. D., Chief Medical Examiner (retired), State of Maine.Pantaleonea#39;s car was in impound, so he rented one. The next morning a€” oh, by the way, the rental car had a remote starter a€” he goes out, I guess to go to work, he has a job as a garbage collector a€” presses ... We have two guys with him 24/ 7, though I dona#39;t think Frankie wants to even stick his nose out the door after what almost happened to him. ... Also, hea#39;s a black guy and, since most of his drug dealer defendants are also black, he can talk the talk and generally control his clients.

Title:Unnatural Deaths
Author:Robert G. Fuller Jr
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-03


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