US Naval Aviator: 1941-45

US Naval Aviator: 1941-45

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The US naval aviator of World War II played a pivotal part in the winning of the war. From the warm waters of the Pacific to the icy conditions of the Bering Sea (including the battle of Midway), the Naval aviator was on hand to fight the enemy in any and all conditions. Between 1940 and 1942 the training of the naval aviator lasted eleven months, divided into five separate and distinct phases. From phase one, known as the Elimination or E base for short, through to final assignment to a carrier based squadron, the training was demanding and unrelenting. This book examines the life and experiences of the US Naval Aviator in all three types of carrier squadron - fighters (VF), dive-bombers (VB) and the torpedo squadrons (VT). From recruitment to battle, the detail of what it was like to fly and fight for the US Navy is brought vividly to life.During the long shipa#39;s crossing from tina#39; Pacific coast of the United States to the war zone, time often weighed heavily on the young officers. ... Hole, spent his time trying to figure out some way to make his and the life of all the other junior officers berthed with him more comfortable. ... of old instruction manuals and taped the section together, while others of their group cut their way into the main air-conditioning duct. ... (National Archives) The crew of the carrier engage in calisthenics.

Title:US Naval Aviator: 1941-45
Author:Robert Hargis
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-07-20


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