Utilizing Your Passion to Create Success

Utilizing Your Passion to Create Success

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Life is a story, and we all have our own special one to live. Some of us are in the early chapters, struggling to figure out the plot, while others are mired in the middle with too many obstacles and unclear dialogue. Still others are contemplating their grand, final act. You, like me started out somewhere, with your own special location, culture and passions. Your supporting cast; family, friends, neighbors, teachers, mentors, colleagues, and employers, even someone you may have casually met in passing influenced your thoughts, values and decisions. The result of these influences lead you to where you are right now, holding this book, reading these words, at exactly this moment. While our stories are peppered with our own individuality, surprisingly, they are not that unique. The specific situations are varied, but we've all experienced ups and downs, joys and sorrows, days when we were sure we could fly, and mornings when the mere thought of getting out of bed was seemingly the most painful task we had ever faced. I see the quizzical look on your face, , wondering what these qlife storyq mutterings are all about, swearing that you had purchased a cookbook. Let me assure you, this is a cookbook, and in it you will find a vast array of delectable recipes that will invigorate your palate and impress your friends. You will also find a story, my story. You see, these recipes make up one of my most important supporting characters: food. They will also introduce you to my single most influential supporting character: family. It is my sincere hope that these stories of food and family nurture both your body and soul, and as you continue through your life story, provide you with some guidance and much qfoodq for thought!... and a pickle to the plate Directions: To prepare the beef, Cut a beef steak into thin, long strips Put those strips on the charbroil Cook them medium well To prepare ... strips cook the strips on the grill Cajun Eggs This is a great one skillet meal.

Title:Utilizing Your Passion to Create Success
Author:Joe Marsola Eidem
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-03-01


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