Valuation and Future Value of the Top 29 Singaporean Stocks

Valuation and Future Value of the Top 29 Singaporean Stocks

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This book covers the prospects of fair value of the stock in the SGX, is a stock market index of Singaporea€™s Stock Exchange consisting of 29 companies. The calculation of the fair value of the stock using Fundamental Analysis Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. Prospects of 29 companies for next 3-6 months (June-December 2015) by reference first quarter financial report (March 31, 2015) plus the fair value of the historical data from 2011 to 2014 will establish a trend fair value compared to the market price closure. The main parameters of the financial data used in the calculation of stock valuation is historically served since 2011-2015 (the main financial data has been annualized for the quarter 1, 2 and 3). Analysis for example such as: a€c Trend productivity shows slight downtrend since 2012. Revenue, profit and cash flow grew negative since 2013. Productivity on capital investment for business expansion improved from 13% to 44% though it is low productivity. Net margin is declining overtime and grows weaker. Cost of goods sold too high even though overhead cost kept low, but it is hurt productivity. Dividend pay-out ratio too high given the fact low productivity. a€c Trend liquidity shows slight downtrend since 2012. Surplus on working capital and ability to cover short term debt remains strong every year. a€c Long term liquidity surplus/deficit per share on balance sheet shows negative every year meaning long term debt is above working capital. This indicate liquidity risk in the long term. RECOMMENDATION a€c Fundamental company is not quite good and is expected remained the same in the future. Fair value based on stock valuation shows no potential upside, but potential downside at short term is 26%, but in the long term can be drop to the lowest price. a€c Avoid. The book comes in 2014 macro-economic analysis, analysis of industry sectors and qualitative analysis per quarter from 2011 to 2015 and charts the fair value compared to the market price and charts combined net income, free cash flow and working capital. This book is published at a price of IDR 100, 000 digital eBookbased on Financial Report 2011-2015 Fundamental Analysis Formula of Warren Buffet aamp; Benjamin Graham Buddy ... What are major differences with other analysis such technical analysis that we always come across in capital market?

Title:Valuation and Future Value of the Top 29 Singaporean Stocks
Author:Buddy Setianto
Publisher:BSK Capital - 2015-06-08


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