Value Above Cost

Value Above Cost

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This book systematically explains how to maximize shareholder value. Columbia University's Don Sexton fully identifies the real drivers of shareholder value, unifying key concepts from marketing, branding, economics, management, finance, accounting, and statistics. Sexton introduces a powerful new metric: Customer Value Added (CVA), the difference between customer-perceived value and variable cost per unit. Next, he demonstrates CVA at work, presents research and case studies that prove its value, and shows how to use it to consistently measure, manage, and optimize profit, cash flow, and shareholder value. Readers will learn why CVA works; how to measure it; how changes in CVA correlate to changes in profits and cash flow; and how to use CVA to steer the enterprise. Along the way, Sexton illuminates CVA's key implications for managers, including why managers must focus attention simultaneously on both customers and costs, and why well-publicized qgeneric strategiesq such as qnet recommendq offer only part of the solution. Finally, drawing on his own extensive experience consulting on CVA and related issues, Sexton presents easy-to-use worksheets for translating CVA concepts into reality in your own organization.Driving Superior Financial Performance with CVA, the Most Important Metric Youa#39; ve Never Used Donald E. Sexton. Occasionally, as in the case of Harley- Davidson in the 1980s, brand inertia is exploited to hollow out a brand. ... However, customers constantly compare their experiences with the product or service to their brand expectations and eventually realize that the performance of a hollowed-outanbsp;...

Title:Value Above Cost
Author:Donald E. Sexton
Publisher:Pearson Prentice Hall - 2009-03-12


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