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'ValueMagics gives a very good answer to the needs of any organization that guides SMEs into the challenging world of international markets.'---Pilar Lozano, Director of International Cooperation Proexport, Colombia 'This book packs quite a punch, loaded as it is with leading edge thinking, clear examples, checklists and case studies from developed and developing economies ... this book's key value proposition is the model qThe Magic Palletq, which forms the basis for a diagnostic tool-the SWAT analysis.'---Rajit Pal Singh, Managing Director, Reach Potential Consultants Pvt. Ltd 'a refreshing handbook for small and medium sized enterprises that would like to enhance their value within the global value chain. ... ValueMagics is based on qThe Magic Palletq and the qSWAT analysisq, both practical and unique models and tools to develop and enhance competitive advantages.'---Rob van Eijbergen, Professor, University of Groningen, The Netherlands and the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. AiBuyer Sacrifices Businesses across the world pay the largest attention to costs a€” which are prices to their vendors. Are they? Price is often understood as the amount of money a vendor charges for his product or service. This is the net, anbsp;...

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