Walking in Turbulent Waters

Walking in Turbulent Waters

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Her earliest memory was of the time when she was a tiny baby, lifted by strong arms to the light in a train compartment. Adriannea€™s adult life is distracted by daydreams of childhood; of her powerful a€œunclea€ Eladio; her best childhood friend, Tomas; and more. Looking back, she can see every mistake she ever made. The uncertainty of her true identity draws her into a realm beyond imagination. She cana€™t even trust her own memory now to help her determine which childhood traumas were real and which were the workings of a mind too young to understand. To this day, one question haunts her: if she could have just accepted the life she was so desperate to leave behind, would she be happier today? Now her life is defined by her success as a real-estate developer, an art dealer, and an innovative architect with visions of reinventing entire communities that celebrate both function and design simultaneously. She drowns her feelings by constantly achieving the impossible, often falling prey to her own desiresa€”and the cunning schemes of the unpredictable man who invaded her life. When a phone call from Spain sends Adrianne rushing back across the Atlantic, can she dare to hope that the answers that had eluded her throughout her life await?Only to know, a month later, that he had taking my credit card, to pay for his printing, on one ofhis slicker skims, to win the lottery. The printing ... Revenue Canada were too, also looking for him, they said that he own them over $300, 000.00 in taxes. ... When, he would hide in the closet with a butcher knife I would open the closet door and he will be standing with the knife up in his hand ready to strike me .

Title:Walking in Turbulent Waters
Author:Eliana Bueche
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-08-28


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